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CBRSCase-Based Reasoning System
CBRSCoastal Barrier Resources System
CBRSCanadian Bond Rating Service
CBRSCitizen Band Radio Service
CBRSCertificate of Birth Resulting in Stillbirth
CBRSCommunity Building Resource Service (Australia)
CBRSComputer-Based Reporting System
CBRSConcept-Based Requirements System
CBRSCost Basis Reporting Service
CBRSChlamydia Basic Research Society
CBRSCDMA Backhaul Routing System
CBRSCIPFA Revenues and Benefits Service
CBRSCurrency Banking and Retrieval System
CBRSCurrency & Banking Retrieval System
CBRSConcentration Banking Reporting System
CBRSChemical Biological Respiratory System - Aircrew
CBRSComponent-Based Recall System
CBRSCollective B-Mode Receiving Station
CBRSChromosomal Breakage Rate of Scleroderma
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Established by the Coastal Barrier Resources Act (CBRA) of 1982, the CBRS consists of geographic units that are depicted on a set of maps maintained by the Service.
CBRS represents an exciting opportunity for the broader wireless industry to cope with the continued explosive demand for bandwidth.
We are extremely happy with the performance of the system and look forward to significant improvements in the capacity and service based on the ability to use the additional spectrum in the CBRS band.
The CBRS band is important because, as a mid-band frequency, it sits in a relative sweet spot of being able to carry significant amounts of data while still penetrating objects like trees and buildings - technologists often refer to mid-band frequencies as the "Goldilocks bands" because they're not too low or too high, but just right.
T&W is at the forefront of the industry developing a Small Cell product line for the CBRS domain.
The blood samples were studied at CBRS Diagnostic Lab for hematological and biochemical analysis i.
assistance provided such assistance within the CBRS contrary to
The CBRS, which can be administered in 15-20 minutes, contains the following nine scales: language deficit; apraxia; disorientation; agitation; need for routine; depression; higher cognitive deficits; memory disorder; and dementia.
We are excited about the variety of business-critical applications CBRS spectrum enables for the enterprise, said Joel Lindholm, vice president of LTE Business at Ruckus Networks, an ARRIS company.
The CBRS network slice can be used either as a part of a single operator network, shared between multiple operators, or as a private enterprise network.
To add complete LTE wireless connectivity to that solution allows the enterprise to install their own partial or complete LTE enterprise wireless that is capable of supporting CBRS and multicarrier solutions.