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CBSCCanadian Broadcast Standards Council
CBSCCanada Business Service Centre
CBSCComparator Based Switched Capacitor
CBSCCalifornia Building Standards Commission
CBSCCarolina Biological Supply Company (Burlington, NC)
CBSCCentralized Base Station Controller
CBSCCambridge Business School Club (UK)
CBSCCombined Battle Simulation Center
CBSCCentralized Base Site Controller
CBSCCovered Bridge Swim Club (Cherry Hill, NJ)
CBSCCrescent Beach Swimming Club (Canada)
CBSCCapacity Building Service Center (World Health Organization)
CBSCCorps Battle Simulation Center
CBSCComponent-Based Solution Construction (systems development)
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CBSC's use of the latest technology in machinery, software, in-house design and protective coating shows that Cleveland Bridge can offer a full structural steel package in one location, thereby reducing risk to cost and programme overruns, said Meredith.
CBSC Executive Director David Walls says he is aware of others working on green building codes, but "many states do not have the statewide authority that California has"--meaning each city and county handles its own code adoption.
Under the baton of British maestro Martyn Brabbins, the MPO and the CBSC, made up of unpaid professionals, will navigate audiences through the 20th century piece which features texts by American poet Walt Whitman.
Alison, of Chapelfields, Coventry, has been a member of the CBSC for 18 years and she says the Hong Kong trip was a real high note.
In a victory for NAA/NMHC, the California Building Standards Commission (CBSC) has withdrawn an earlier decision to recommend statewide adoption of the National Fire Protection Association's Building Construction and Safety Code (NFPA 5000).
Two decisions of the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council (CBSC) in particular show that federal regulators have been especially reluctant to protect speech rights.
Charged with reviewing, approving, and publishing building standards adopted by state agencies, the California Building Standards Commission (CBSC) has voted to not use the International Building Code[TM] as part of its effort to update the California Building Standards Code (which is published every three years).
Daria Gawronsky, a business information officer at the Canada Business Service Centre, says to make the CBSC your first stop.
(29) The Society's representatives (official or non-official) to Canadian or international bodies such as CBSC (Committee on Bibliographical Services for Canada) (30) of the National Library's Advisory Board or ESTC (Eighteenth Century Short Title Catalogue) (31) reported regularly to Council also.
Global cord blood stem cell (CBSC) storage companies can be roughly divided into two categories: the ones running in a globalized business model, such as Esperite (formerly known as Cryo-Save Group), and the others giving priority to regional operation, e.g., Zhongyuan Union Stem Cell Bioengineering (VCANBIO), Golden Meditech and LifeCell International.