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The advantages of using CBSCs over bone marrow are considerable.
The possible uses of CBSCs are many, and much research is now going on.
But while CBSCs and similarly pluripotent stem cells retain the ability to develop into any cell type needed by the body and sometimes bring their youthful energy to the aid of mature cells--making them especially appealing for therapeutics--they also have the potential to wander off course, possibly landing themselves in unintended tissues.
To figure out how CBSCs might behave in the heart in the first place, Houser's team, led by Temple graduate student Jason Duran, began by collecting the cells from mouse tibias.
The particular mice used had been engineered with green fluorescent protein (GFP), which meant that the CBSCs carried a green marker to allow for their later identification.
In the following weeks, as the team monitored the progress of the mice, they found that the youthfulness of the CBSCs had prevailed.