CBSDCentral Bucks School District (Doylestown, Pennsylvania)
CBSDComponent-Based Software Development
CBSDCitibank South Dakota
CBSDColumbia Broadcasting System Digital
CBSDCenter for Business Skills Development (Moscow, Russia)
CBSDCelestial Background Scene Descriptor
CBSDColumbia Borough School District (Pennsylvania)
CBSDCustomized Billing Systems Development
CBSDCompetency Based Staff Development
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In order to be FCC certified to operate in the CBRS Band, an equipment manufacturer will need to show that their CBSD can communicate with a SAS and follow its directives as per Part 96.
We also control for market-level characteristics ([M.subsub.j]) including an index of high-cost benefit mandates, premium tax rate, indicators for whether there are regulations on the sale of stop-loss policies and a high-risk pool in the state, and insurance and hospital market concentration defined at the CBSD level as described above.
(31) (Because the CMS state-level NHEA-S data do not include the "Net Cost of Health Insurance" measures, we would not detect a marginal effect of insurer market concentration on the administrative markup of private premiums.) Similar to our hospital market concentration measure, we construct a market-level HHI defining geographic markets with CBSDs, using private insurer market shares from the HLIS census of private insurers and averaging these market-level measures across the state using county population.
Khulaifi said, oeAs the upholders of Qatar's sea border security, the CBSD is successfully carrying out the directives of our country's wise leadership.
The centre carries a number of marine vessels and equipments that will be used by the CBSD for carrying out its duties.
CBSD was prevalent in all the districts surveyed with the highest (79.4%) incidence recorded in Msambweni and lowest (42.8%) in Kaloleni (Table III).
CBSD scores range from 0 to 60, with higher scores indicating a greater number of depressive symptoms for a greater number of days.
Commonly called Component-Based Software Development (CBSD), it brings benefits to both vendors and end users alike.
Radisys[R] Corporation, a global leader of open telecom solutions, has announced that it is contributing an Automated CBSD Certification Test Harness to the CBRS Alliance for its OnGo certification program, the company said.
VIRCA Plus is developing cassava that carries resistance to two viral plant diseases at once: Cassava Brown Streak Disease (CBSD), which destroys the edible roots even when rest of the plant looks healthy, and Cassava Mosaic Disease (CMD), which can stunt or kill plants outright.