CBSVCassava Brown Streak Virus (plants)
CBSVCarl Barks' Samlede Verk (Danish: Carl Barks' Total Works; book)
CBSVCredit Bureau Services of Vermont (South Burlington, VT)
CBSVCyclin B Splice Variant (protein)
CBSVConsent Based SSN (Social Security Number) Verification (US SSA)
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Success with artificial sap transmission of CBSV was reported [17], although the infection rate was not established.
The current study aimed at identifying other non-vector mechanisms of CBSV transmission and comparing their effectiveness and efficiency.
Consent Based Social Security Verifications are unique in that they are the only way to directly access to the Social Security Administration's "Master Database." The CBSV service simply discloses a "Match / No Match" response to the users request based on the identifiers provided which include Name, Date of Birth, Gender and Social Security Number.
Consequently, the requirement for additional molecular detection techniques for CBSV becomes important.
Determination of suitable plant samples for CBSV detection Distribution of CBSV in different parts of cassava plant was determined in four infected cassava cultivars, namely Albert, Cheupe, Kibaha and Nachinyaya.
CID, one of the first enrolled companies in the SSA's CBSV program, offers this unique service via an easy-to-use web interface to enhance and strengthen SSN verification processes for businesses across the US.
Businesses are vulnerable and at risk unless they use CBSV.