CBTECertified Broadcast Television Engineer (Society of Broadcast Engineers)
CBTECompetency Based Teacher Education
CBTECertified Business Travel Executive (National Business Travel Association)
CBTECommunity-Based Tourism Enterprise (various locations)
CBTEChurch Based Theological Education
CBTEChemotherapy Basic Treatment Equivalent (outpatient healthcare)
CBTECenter for Bimolecular and Tissue Engineering (Duke University; North Carolina)
CBTEConference Based Theological Education
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The researcher tried to explore, whether gender effects the subject matter competency of the teachers who are selected through three modes(Conventional, National testing service and online) regarding competency based teachers education (CBTE) (Akhtar, Shaheen, and Bibi, 2016).
It was then analyzed to make gender based comparison in the subject matter competency of Conventional, Online and NTS selected secondary school teachers regarding CBTE. The data was analyzed by using SPSS-17 by using mean, standard deviation and t-statistics to find the gender based differences in secondary school teachers(conventional, online and NTS) (Atta, 2013).
Table 3 Showing mean score of gender based comparison of the performance of three categories of SSTs in Subject matter competency regarding CBTE
In CBTE, the sensor nodes are initially deployed uniformly, the simulation results also show that the size of working nodes is stable and the coverage of monitoring area is also balanced.
* According to simulation results of CBTE, the density of working nodes in whole monitoring area is stable.
El CBTE establece los procedimientos de la programacion y organizacion del proceso educativo de los futuros maestros basado en competencias.
Proponents of CBTE aspired to structure teacher education around a set of precise learning objectives ("competencies"), defined in assessable, behavioral terms (Howsam & Houston, 1972).
CBTE also engaged students in an instructional cycle that began with observation and included several rounds of practice, critique, and practice again.
* Dennis Wallace, CBTE -- Managing Partner, Meintel, Sgrignoli & Wallace, Waldorf, Md.
In addition, Hartsough et al (1998), in a study of a pre-service rating instrument, note the inherent weaknesses of the Competency Based Teacher Education (CBTE) and Classroom Observation and Assessment Scale for Teaching Candidates (COAST).
Powell (1986) reports relationships among ratings of field experience performance of student teachers, supervising teachers, and university coordinators using the Competency Based Teacher Education (CBTE) scale, a modified version of the Teacher Performance Assessment Instruments (TPAI).
These performances have been called competencies, as in the CBTE (Competency-Based Teacher Education) approach of the 1970s.