CBTOCartridge Base to Ogive (ammnition)
CBTOChief Business Technology Officer (various companies)
CBTOCustomer, Business, Technology, Organization (methodology)
CBTOCity of Birmingham Touring Opera (est. 1987; UK)
CBTOComputer Based Technical Order
CBTOCommunity-Based Tuberculosis Organisation (Zambia)
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CBTO's production is based on Marius Constant and Peter Brook's 1991 version Impressions de Pelleas, which reduced the orchestral score for two pianos.
But on the opening night of the CBTO's latest production - Smetana's The Two Widows - Vick blended into the press throng in a grey suit, a man you might walk by without a second glance if you did not know who he was.
The CBTO was founded more than ten years ago and the venues which will premiere his latest opera illustrate the unique qualities of this small, innovative company.
The CBTO might have a small, dedicated fan base with a majority sold to what is bracketed "lower income" but the real majority out there in the city are not aware of the company.
The Two Widows is the latest production to be directed by CBTO's artistic director Graham Vick.
Like all CBTO's shows since 1993, The Two Widows is opening in the former Mayfair Suite in the Bull Ring Shopping Centre, the long-deserted ballroom in which Enoch Powell delivered his notorious Rivers of Blood speech 30 years ago, which the company is able to use to rehearse its productions.
Andrew Bennett arrived at CBTO in December 1993 - making him the company's longest-serving administrator - after nearly five years as administrator of the Philharmonia Orchestra.
So it is representative of CBTO - we're not doing a soft sell."
"It will help give a notion of foxes but they are still recognisable as people you could meet." The irony is, of course, that the Mayfair Suite - that strange deserted complex which lay abandoned and forgotten in the heart of the city for 20 years until CBTO stumbled on it - would have been the ideal place to put on The Rocky Horror Show.
And he is determined that CBTO audiences will not miss the point that Janacek was using his animal characters to satirise his fellow human beings.
This is ironic, since all of CBTO's smalcale touring productions depend upon viable reduced versions being made, usually by re-orchestrator-in-residence, Jonathan Dove.
Originally Vick had it in mind to do it only at the Mayfair Suite, in the style of CBTO's community production of Howard Goodall's Silas Marner.