CBTPACaribbean Basin Trade Partnership Act
CBTPACoalition for Better Third Party Access (Canada)
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CBTPA have helped countries in the region diversify exports and support income growth.
The expiration of the CBTPA in 2008 begs the following question--specifically, Is the CBI paradigm for development and framework that presented a model of import substitution for less developed (modestly industrialized periphery) countries appropriate any longer?
6 is accompanied by a proposal to reduce some of the trade benefits the region received under CBI and CBTPA legislation.
The new rules allow the region's assembly plants to use textiles from the US or other CBTPA countries, and to cut and assemble the finished goods.
To be eligible for CBTPA status, countries must meet new rules not previously applied under the CBI.
The full text of the Presidential Proclamation on CBTPA 2000 is also available at: www.
During the week of July 17 the private sector representatives of the region's textile and apparel producers (CACTAC-Central American & Caribbean Textile & Apparel Council) reached agreement in Washington on a mechanism for the allocation of the Tariff Rate Quotas (TRQ) contemplated in the CBTPA legislation.
The CBTPA provides unlimited duty-free access for CBI apparel produced from U.
Congress recently extended CBTPA through September 30, 2020 in the Haiti Economic Lift Program (HELP) Act of 2010.
In May 2010, Congress approved an extension of CBTPA benefits through September 2020 (P.