CBVHCommission for the Blind and Visually Handicapped
CBVHCentraal Bureau voor Hypotheekbemiddeling (Dutch: Central Bureau for Mortgage Mediation; Netherlands)
CBVHColegio Bilingue Vista Hermosa (Guatemala school)
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It is divided into 12 sections: (1) CBVH District Offices; (2) New York State Resources; (3) Schools; (4) National Organizations; (5) Parent Supports; (6) National Parent Support Groups; (7) Private Agencies for the Blind in New York State; (8) Independent Living Centers in New York State; (9) Technology Information; (10) Braille, Tape and Large Print Services; and (11) Leisure Reading Books.
There is also a joint agreement between VESID, EMSC (SED's Office of Elementary, Middle, Secondary and Continuing Education), and CBVH (the State Commission on the Blind and Visually Handicapped) which lays out responsibilities for school and vocational transition services.