CBVSCentrale Bank Van Suriname (Dutch: Central Bank of Suriname)
CBVSComité du Bassin Versant de la Rivière Salvail (Canadian watershed committee)
CBVSColin Baker Vehicle Sales (UK)
CBVSComputer Based Voting System
CBVSComposite Baseband Video Signal (analog color video signal carrying both luminance and chrominance)
CBVSChanderi Bunkar Vikas Samiti
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Community Based Vaccination (CBV) is a pivotal strategy for stemming virus circulation in the core reservoir and areas of highest concentration for polio transmission in Pakistan.
In this programme, CBVs assist community health officers (CHOs) in health promotion activities, vital event recording, community mobilization, disease surveillance and basic health service delivery.
Sampling Technique and Sample Size: There were 410 CBVs in the study site; 226 located in KNM area and 184 in the KSD area.
The researchers found that for patients treated with an RDV versus a CBV, there were significantly reduced times for procedure (150 versus 160 minutes), cardiopulmonary bypass (70 versus 83 minutes), and aortic cross clamp (44 versus 60 minutes; P < 0.001 for all).
Unfortunately, the contractor installed AFLVs (accepted by the engineer who actually specified CBVs), guaranteeing that every coil would get too little flow.
OPTION BALANCING RELATIVE RANK METHOD (1 = BEST, 5 = WORST) CONTROLLABILITY PUMP FIRST ENERGY COSTS COSTS 1 No Balancing 5 3 1 2 Calibrated 4 4 2 Balancing Valves (CBVs) 3 Automatic Flow 5 5 3 Limiting Valves (AFLVs) 4 Reverse Return 2 2 6 5 Oversized 3 1 4 Main Piping 6 Pressure 1 5 5 Independent Control Valves (PICVs) OPTION RECOMMENDED USE 1 Best option for all except high head systems (>90 ft).
It has also been shown that fatal myocarditis caused by CBV can occur in other primates, including the orangutan and the snub-nosed monkey (5,6).
The phylogeny was generated by using published full-genome CBV sequences; all CBV serotypes and the chimpanzee CB3 virus were represented (Figure 2).
2) To find more elaborate ways in semantic mapping of CBVs through discussing with domain experts and using mature lexical tools.
So, to semantically map the Core Business Vocabularies (CBV) as well as to unify their dimensions, are essential for information sharing.
When valuing an operation, a CBV will study these factors, generally over a five-year historical period, because they can often be used as a starting point in estimating maintainable future results.
Together, these accordant results demonstrated that recombination has possibly occurred within the 2C domain, and these Changchun isolates are possibly progeny of intertypic and intratypic recombination of CBV strains circulating in China (COXB5/ Henan/2010 and Beijing0811) and South Korea (2000/CSF/KOR).