CBWFQClass Based Weighted Fair Queuing
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The lower priority queues are serviced using CBWFQ. Although this approach offers preferential treatment to real-time traffic, at high arrival rates of voice traffic, the video traffic may suffer starvation and complete resource malnourishment.
Real time voice and video packets are forwarded to the strict priority queue, while the other types of data are forwarded to the CBWFQ queue.
Rahman, "Bandwidth Guarantee using Class Based Weighted Fair Queue (CBWFQ) Scheduling Algorithm", International Journal of Digital Information and Wireless Communication (IJDIWC), Vol.5, No.3, pp.
Simulation of CBWFQ algorithm with generic traffic shaping and policing mechanism were implemented on IP router.
CBWFQ scheduling scheme guaranteed bandwidth to each class of service in a network during the period of congestion.