CBWMCommunity-Based Water Monitoring
CBWMChesapeake Bay Watershed Model
CBWMCommunity-Based Watershed Management (various locations)
CBWMConstant Blood Withdrawal Method (blood collection)
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As per the results above and the analysis of consistency index in Section 3.1, we can say that CBWM can get more consistent pairwise comparisons than AHP, BWM, and P-CNP.
From our results in Tables 11-15, we can see that the BWM obtains similar results to AHP with respect to both ranking and total utility, while the two prioritization methods of CBWM both achieve results very close to the P-CNP's results.
As the numbers of pairwise comparisons of P-CNP (AHP) and CBWM (CWM) are [n.sup.2] and 2n, respectively, it is unfair to judge the performances of these methods directly by TD.
From the table, we can see that the total deviations of ratio scale based methods are significantly bigger than interval scale based methods; that is to say, the proposed CBWM performs better than BWM.
In this paper, a new interval scale and vector based pairwise comparison MADM method CBWM (Cognitive Best Worst Method) is proposed.
(1) CBWM is vector based method and needs less pairwise comparisons than matrix based methods.
(2) CBWM can get more consistent pairwise comparison results due to the use of interval scale and the best worst comparison strategy.
(3) As the interval scale is more suitable for measuring cognitive paired comparisons, CBWM acquires more reliable decision results than ratio scale based methods.
It is worth noting that CBWM is only suitable for the problem in which the decision-maker is able to determine the best and the worst criteria.