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CC-NUMACache-Coherent Non-Uniform Memory Access
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Keywords: cc-NUMA Multiprocessors, Scalability, Cache Coherence, Directory Memory Overhead, Cache Miss Latency
In addition, the first products based on our next generation cc-NUMA architecture will be publicly introduced later in July and will ship in volume in the current quarter.
5 is a key milestone in our overall UNIX strategy, punctuating a history of accomplishment that has culminated in unrivaled CC-NUMA scalability within a complete 32- or 64-bit environment," said Richard E.
5 was written to take full advantage of Silicon Graphics' CC-NUMA architecture, which enables cost-effective system scalability and high-bandwidth/low-latency data handling.
The X-Class is HP's fourth system based on the CC-NUMA (cache coherent non-uniform memory access) architecture.
HP plans to maintain a consistent, binary-compatible architecture, based on CC-NUMA (cache coherent non-uniform memory access), to the year 2000 and beyond.
NYSE: SGI) today announced that its scalable CC-NUMA Origin2000(TM) servers scored record results on the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation (SPEC) System File Server Benchmark, Release 1.
May 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Silicon Graphics/Cray Research today announced the general availability of CRAY(R) Origin2000(TM) CC-NUMA supercomputers running up to 128 processors in a single-system image (SSI).
High-bandwidth Servers: Silicon Graphics' CC-NUMA architecture will continue to provide scalability, high-bandwidth/low-latency data handling, cost-effectiveness and other advanced features over a wide range of price points.
Based on the CC-NUMA architecture, the Origin server line provides exceptional high performance and scalability with tremendous memory bandwidth that is crucial for data intensive applications such as dynamic databases.
The success of these large-configuration systems demonstrates the potential of the S2MP(TM) architecture, Silicon Graphics' leading CC-NUMA implementation for its Origin line, to revolutionize scalable application programming and use.
more out of the affordable Origin CC-NUMA servers compared with other