CC1Closed Captioning 1 (television)
CC1Commitment Complex 1
CC1Communication Channel 1
CC1Christian Chat 1 (Internet chat room)
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Demographic characteristics of participants did not differ significantly across CC1, CC2, and CC3, suggesting no influence on cultural competency (see Table 1).
pneumoniae STs belonging to CC1 and ST22 were type 1, and STs belong to CC2 were type 2.
Cueva de Los Corrales 1 (CC1) es un sitio bajo reparo situado a 3 km al norte de TPV1 y cuenta tambien con una secuencia ocupacional persistente (3.050-650 a.p.).
However, since it was known that the ULN engine calibration would be very different than the baseline engine control; producing more heat and less N[O.sub.x] during the Aftertreatment System (ATS) warm-up period, an initial ULN engine calibration was developed prior to screening and the same cold-calibration (CC1) was used throughout screening.
The Quasar PN Polycarbonate Prismatic Nanosphere is CC1, Class A fire rated as well as Factory Mutual rated against Class 4, 2" hail and comes with a 10 year hail proof warranty.
Later on that week, Cabello's manager ( Roger Gold tweeted , "CC1" but didn't give out any other clues.
"The ability to partner with a respected and recognized name such as Mark Andy in the aftermarket arena is a fantastic opportunity for CC1," says James Lewis, CC1 president.
Once the RCN assumed ownership and control of the vessels, designating them CC1 and CC2, they served ably.