CC1Closed Captioning 1 (television)
CC1Commitment Complex 1
CC1Communication Channel 1
CC1Christian Chat 1 (Internet chat room)
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Among type IV isolates, CC1 and CC23 were exclusively represented, extending the observations of Ferrieri et al (25) that type IV isolates from nonpregnant adults with invasive disease were CC1 and that those from invasive infection in infants were CC23.
Alrededor de enero o febrero de 2006, CC1 (Humberto Moreira) comenzo a tomar dinero para su beneficio personal del gobierno de Coahuila", se asienta en la declaracion de Rolando Gonzalez.
Caption: Admiral Sir Charles Kingsmill is one of many who claimed the CC1 and CC2 submarines were responsible for saving the city of Victoria, and potentially even the city of Vancouver, from the German Eastern Squadron during World War One.
In the current study, we found that the area of the CC1 (prefrontal area) was smaller in the disorganised and undifferentiated schizophrenia group than in the normal controls.
Outward buckling at the top on all four sides of the steel tube was occurred in the case of control specimens CC1, CC2 and CC3 at the load of 934 kN, 928 kN and 923 kN, respectively, which is shown in Fig.
For our application, OCC1 model represents thresholds and the criteria weights obtained from CC1 model and the explanation ability of this model is then tested on a classification criterion 2.
To claim the discount please quote CC1 when booking.
Chorus start, end, and duration were positively correlated between all sites, except PG and CC1 (Table 5).
The quarter-final draw will be: CC1 v CC5, CC2 v HC3, CC3 v HC2, CC4 v HC1.
lateromedial 26,0 7,0 25,43% Tabla 4 Distancias en corte C Variable Promedio Desviacion Dispersion CC1 2,7 0,5 17,59% CC2 10,1 2,3 22,39% CC3 4,7 1,4 30,33% CC4 2,5 1,0 39,82% CC5 13,7 2,7 19,34% Altura cuerpo 26,5 3,5 13,37% %CCl/altura cuerpo 10,0 2,0 23,55% %CC2/altura cuerpo 38,0 7,0 17,08% %CC5/altura cuerpo 52,0 7,0 13,24% Dist.
Among them are preloaded bearing-mounted eccentrics, bearers on the blanket, plate cylinders, helical drive gears for smoother movement, motorized ink-fountain rollers, EPG remote inking system and CC1 Inc.