CC10Clara Cell 10-kD Protein
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The model that best fit the data was model CC3, followed by models CC10, CC11, CC2 and CC9, which all provided similar fits.
The changes in the RMSE were plotted against age (ranged in five-year age classes) for all eleven models analysed as shown in figure 3, in which it can be seen that the models with the lowest RMSE for almost all age classes were CC9, CC11, CC10 and CC2.
Caracal, based in the UAE and part of Emirates Defence Industries Company, has selected the prestigious defence conference to showcase an updated range of its F and C model pistols, the CAR816 and CAR814 tactical rifles, its latest tactical sniper rifle, the CS338, as well as the CC10 semi-auto carbine.
Conclusion: This meta-analysis suggests that CC10 +38A/G polymorphism confers asthma risk.
Here we use meta-analysis to clarify the association of CC10 +38A/G polymorphism with asthma.
The IMT Charter and CC10 only restricted murder-type crimes against humanity to the "civilian population," not the persecution-type.
100) The underlying conduct amounting to crimes against humanity under customary international law, which is identical in the ICTY and ICTR Statutes, (101) appears to have been drawn verbatim from CC10.
Estimates based on various research studies place the long-run migration potential from CC10 at roughly 1% of the EU15 population, hence, a flow of 3.
The forecasts show that the share of the CC10 people in the population of the present EU member states would rise from 0.
Two new types of Caracal 1911 guns will also be exhibited for the first time in the Middle East, along with the Caracal CC10 rifle and CC308 sniper gun.
Key words: biomarker, CC10, CC16, Clara cell protein, epithelium, lung permeability, ozone.