CC16Clara Cell Secretory Protein 16
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Recently, a panel of biomarkers of lung epithelial cell damage combined with inflammation (SP-D, sRAGE, IL-8, CC16, and IL-6) provided value for diagnosis of ARDS in patients with sepsis.
CC16 is endogenously released into the airspace by epithelial Club cells; increased bloodstream levels of CC16 have been widely used as a biomarker indicating increased permeability of the respiratory epithelium (Lakind et al.
2013 CC16 levels in healthy control [91] plasma and urine subjects after exercise with exhaled breath temperature and eNO * Verges et Effect of prolonged Nonsmokers al.
The following key words and subject terms were searched: Clara cell 10-kDa protein CC10 CC16 SCGB1A1 uteroglobin asthma genetic and polymorphism.
In animals, he's found, strains producing the most CC16 suffer the least damage from ozone.
The CC16 A38G polymorphism is associated with the development of asthma in children with allergic rhinitis.
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Shortly before exposure and 6 hr after exposure, blood samples were taken and analyzed for CC16 (Clara cell protein 16), blood cell count, coagulation markers, and inflammation markers.
However, both exercise and DBP exposure could have contributed to the increase in CC16 after swimming.