CC3Campaign Cartographer 3 (cartography software)
CC3Command and Conquer 3 (game)
CC3Community Connect 3
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Widespread apoptosis was shown by positive CC3 staining and shrinkage of brain cells in close association with CD8+ T lymphocytes and granzyme B positivity (Figure 4, panels C, D), as well as positive TUNEL assays (not shown).
In this group, the highest clean pressure drop was recorded using separator CC2 and the lowest with separator CC3.
Demographic characteristics of participants did not differ significantly across CC1, CC2, and CC3, suggesting no influence on cultural competency (see Table 1).
A letter from investigative judge Ky Rithy made public by Fresh News was sent to CC3 on September 9, ordering the prison chief to release Sokha.
Alternatively spliced products CC3 and TC3 have opposing effects on apoptosis.
The chemical composition of Cc3 was complicated (CaC[O.sub.3] 43-97%; MgC[O.sub.3] 0-54%; FeC[O.sub.3] 1-11%; MnC[O.sub.3] 0-4%) (Figure 8), and it had a relatively wide range of [delta][sup.13][V.sub.V-PDB]/[per thousand] values from -6.60 [per thousand] to +4.30 [per thousand] (av.
Red: rostrum and genu (CC1), green: rostral body (CC2), blue: mid-body (CC3), pink: isthmus (CC4), and yellow: splenium (CC5).
(5.11) [Q.sup.(3)] = diag(CC 1 + 1, CC2 + 1, CC3 + 1, CC4 + 1)