CC3Campaign Cartographer 3 (cartography software)
CC3Command and Conquer 3 (game)
CC3Community Connect 3
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After blocking endogenous peroxidase activity and nonspecific antigen binding, the tissue sections were incubated with monoclonal antibodies against p53, AIF, XIAP, CC3 (Asp175), anti-histone H2AX, Bcl2, M30, and Ki-67 overnight in a moist chamber.
Subregion CC3 was smaller for only the disorganised schizophrenia group compared with healthy controls (p=0.
isolates) CC ST3 (60), ST487 (1), ST489 (1), CC3 O3:K6 ST526 (1) ST497 (1) Singleton ST265 (14), ST189 (1), ST438 (1) CC345 O4:K8 ST120 (11), ST480 (2) CC120 O3:K29 ST3 (3) CC3 O1:KUT ST8 (8) CC8 O1:K56 ST3 (7) CC3 O1:K36 ST332 (3) Singleton O4:K9 ST3 (5) CC3 O4:K68 ST3 (3) CC3 O5:K68 ST3 (4) CC3 O1:K25 ST481 (1) Singleton * GS-PCR, group-specific PCR; MLST, multilocus sequence typing; ST, sequence type; CC, clonal complex.
On 23 March 2005, a group of prisoners attempted to escape from CC3 by taking the director and his two deputies hostage.
The Roman assemblage is dominated by copper of CC3 (NYNN, or copper which contains only antimony as an impurity above 0.
This investment in CC3, the financing of a new turbo blower for Blast Furnace Five and a new secondary steel-making unit have cost pounds 79m.
The broadcast will be closed-captioned in English on CC3 where available.
To the Editor: Since 1996, an increasing number of infections caused by Vibrio parahaemolyticus strains belonging to a pandemic clonal complex (CC), CC3, typically O3:K6, have been observed worldwide (1-3); most of these strains are sequence type (ST) 3.
Prices rise by pounds 1,000 for each trim level with diesels costing pounds 1,275 more than similarly-equipped petrol models, taking the price of the range-topping CC3 2.
WAF1/CIP1] (clone SX118, 1:25, Dako), CC3 (1:25, Cell Signaling, Beverly, Calif), and FASE (clone 14G5, 3 [micro]g/mL, Immuno-Biological Laboratories Co, Ltd, Fujioka, Japan).
With the exception of CC3, which is undetectable by microarray analysis of samples derived from the animals exposed to two different diets (Table 5), the expression levels of the other genes are very similar, determined by either QRT-PCR or microarray analysis.