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Based on MLST analysis, CC5 has been found as a predominant clone in isolates from Korea and Japan, while MRSA from other Asian nations, such as China, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam, were ST-239, except in a few cases [17].
Red: rostrum and genu (CC1), green: rostral body (CC2), blue: mid-body (CC3), pink: isthmus (CC4), and yellow: splenium (CC5).
Right: Helio Oiticica and Neville D'Almeida, CC5 Hendrix-War, 1973, slide sequence, hammocks, sound track.
De los 9 aislamientos SARM, 66,7% se asignan al complejo clonal CC8 (6 de 9 SARM) y 33,3% al CC5 (3 de 9 SARM), mientras que de los 30 aislamientos SASM, 33,3% se asignan al CC8 (10 de 30 SASM), 13,3% al CC5 (4 de 30 SASM), y 53,3% no pertenecen a ninguno de estos dos complejos (16 de 30 SASM).
CC5: Communicating anonymously online allows me to reveal a secret without repercussions.
The color code is as follows: CC1 (27 probe clusters), cyan; CC2 (17 probe clusters), magenta; CC3 (16 probe clusters), yellow; CC4 (13 probe clusters), salmon; and CC5 (9 probe clusters), blue.
Calcined Saggar Ash Image and Colemanite Glaze Composition Recipe (%) CC1 70 Calcined Saggar Ash 6 Sodium Feldspar 6 Potassium Feldspar 9 Ulexite 6 Quartz 3 Kaolin CC2 75 Calcined Saggar Ash 5 Sodium Feldspar 5 Potassium Feldspar 7.5 Ulexite 5 Quartz 2.5 Kaolin CC3 80 Calci ned Saggar Ash 4 Sodium Feldspar 4 Potassium Feldspar 6 Ulexite 4 Quartz 2 Kaolin CC4 85 Calcined Saggar Ash 3 Sodium Feldspar 4.5 Ulexite 3 Quartz CC5 90 Calcined Saggar Ash 2 Sodium Feldspar 2 Potasium Feldspar 3 Ulexite 2 Quartz 1 Kaolin CC6 95 Calcined Saggar As 1 Sodium Feldspar 1 Potassium Feldspar 1.5 Ulexite 1 Quartz 0.5 Kaolin Table 4.
Subregion CC5 was smaller in paranoid and undifferentiated schizophrenia groups compared with healthy controls (p=0.05, p=0.007, respectively).