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CCABConsultative Committee of Accountancy Bodies (UK Accountancy profession umbrella organisation)
CCABCanadian Council for Aboriginal Business
CCABCatholic Charities, Archdiocese of Boston (Massachusetts)
CCABCentral Change Advisory Board
CCABCertified Clinical Animal Behaviourist (UK)
CCABCardiff Centre for Astrobiology (Wales)
CCABCanadian Circulations Audit Bureau
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The contract represents a first for CCAB as part of its new business strategy, which intends to attract investment to create successful life sciences companies in Canada.
CCAB tried a new direct-mail campaign this holiday season, distributing Christmas ornaments to its entire file of about 10,000 individuals.
Sinclair's work leading the Truth and Reconciliation Commission "is a shining example of his commitment to Aboriginal people and bringing all Canadians to the forefront and understanding of a national tragedy and injustice," said sJP Gladu, president and CEO of CCAB.
Coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) with cardiopulmonary bypass (CCAB) has been reported to carry numerous risks for patients with poor left ventricular (LV) function.
Trade flow between Brazil and Arab countries increased by 3.26% in 2012, reaching nearly $26bn, compared with $25.11bn in 2011, the Arab-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce (CCAB) reported in a press release on Monday.
Internamente, as discussoes sobre os projetos de normas sanitarias internacionais que visam disciplinar o comercio de alimentos sao realizadas no ambito do Comite Codex Alimentarius do Brasil (CCAB), que, nos ultimos anos, foi incumbido da tarefa de apreciar os documentos sobre Analise de Risco aplicada aos alimentos (AR).
ABC came under fire last year when three big Canadian newspaper chains -- including the publisher of the Toronto Star -- dropped its membership in favor of the Canadian Circulation Audit Board (CCAB).
After receiving grant funds to initiate community-based programs, a local organization, Climate Change Action Brooldine (CCAB), contacted a number of small businesses and asked them to participate in a variety of programs related to energy consumption, recycling, green building initiatives and solar workshops.
CCAB CIRCLE FOR ERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL June 22-25, 2005, Edmonton, Alta.--780-378-9609
The associations have attempted to merge in the past and do collaborate in the Consultative Committee of Accountancy Bodies (CCAB), which is the UK representative in dealings with the European Commission.
Tenders are invited for Electrical Installation of UNB Building in the Dark eooms & Cardio Vascular Surgery Dept and Party in CCAB building under Sec-I of NRS Electrical Sub Division EMD value : INR 2655 Opening date : 18 Jul 2019
Nous devons prendre soin d'elle, la preserver ", a-t-elle dit, cite par l'agence bresilienne ANBA, organe de la Chambre de commerce arabo-bresilienne (CCAB).