CCADPCanadian Coalition Against the Death Penalty
CCADPChashma Command Area Development Project (Pakistan)
CCADPCommand Center Automated Data Processing
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At CCADP, during the post-project year, significant increase in the yields of almost all crops was achieved with a maximum trend of 94% for sugarcane crop.
CCADP Area: The year-wise cropping intensities as available from the provincial Irrigation and Power Department of CCADP area are graphically shown in Figure 5.
Based on farmer's interviews pre and post-project cropping intensities at CCADP are shown in Figure 6.
For CCADP and MSP sites, the target value was documented as 150% and 180%.
As can be observed, maximum (significant) increase in the total cropping intensity was at MSP (66%) and CCADP (65%) sites, whereas FDP (55%) was second in order.
Based on this figure, the four study sites in terms of percent improvement in total cropping intensity in the order from maximum to minimum can be ranked/listed as: CCADP (67%) > FDP (54%) >MSP (40%) >MKDP (19%).
Similarly at CCADP, an upward trend of 162% was observed against the target value of 150%.