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CCAFCommunity College of the Air Force
CCAFClimate Change Action Fund
CCAFCanadian Comprehensive Auditing Foundation
CCAFCall Control Agent Function (ITU-T)
CCAFCentre Canadien des Armes à Feu (Canadian Firearms Centre)
CCAFCoastal Conservation Association of Florida
CCAFCoalition for Customs Automation Funding
CCAFComputation of Complex Aerodynamic Flows
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The CCAF, an element of Air University, is a federally chartered two-year degree-granting institution accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.
The CCAF is an interdisciplinary academic research institute dedicated to the study of alternative finance, including financial channels and instruments that emerge outside the traditional banking system.
It was while at Barksdale that she first learned about the CCAF and began taking college classes using tuition assistance from the Air Force.
Throughout all of his diligent work ethics and volunteerism, he's also striving to attain his CCAF degree.
Representative Niki Tsongas introduced the "Faster Access and Shorter Transaction Time for Checks Act of 2010" (FASTT Checks Act) on March 24, 2010 without co-sponsors but, like the CCAF, Congress did not pass it.
72) The main provision of the CCAF is to reduce bank deposit hold times, but the CCAF also expands the recredit procedures of Check 21, and eliminate some bank charges for bounced checks.
Since about 20 percent of enlisted airmen (the rank given both enlisted men and women) hold postsecondary degrees--as reported by the Air Force--about 80 percent are enrolled in CCAF.
CCAF will retain the remaining 25% of the business.
The CCAF was created in 1998 to support early actions on climate change, including public outreach, technology development, and research into the science and impacts of climate change and how we can adapt to it.
This program allows those who have completed their CCAF associate's degree to transfer all of their credits into a Kaplan University online bachelor's degree program.