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CCAMClimate Change Adaptation and Mitigation (EU)
CCAMClassification Commune des Actes Médicaux (French equivalent to the US Procedure Coding System)
CCAMCoordinating Council on Access and Mobility (transportation)
CCAMCertified Community Association Manager
CCAMCentre Culturel André Malraux (French: Andre Malraux Cultural Center; Nancy, France)
CCAMCapital Cities Asset Management (Austin, TX)
CCAMCertified Control Account Manager (Earned Value Management Institute; Leesburg, VA)
CCAMCertified Clinic Account Manager
CCAMCommunauté de Communes de l'Arc Mosellan (French: Community of Communes of Arc Mosellan; Moselle, France)
CCAMCenter for Computational & Applied Mathematics (Purdue University)
CCAMContamination and Collision Avoidance Maneuver
CCAMCongenital Cystic Adenoid Malformation
CCAMCercle des Collectionneurs d'Automobiles Miniatures (French: Car Miniatures Collectors Circle; Toulouse, France)
CCAMCherbourg Club Aviron de Mer (French: Cherbourg Sea Rowing Club; Cherbourg-Octeville, France)
CCAMCommunauté de Communes de l'Agglomération Migennoise (French: Community of Municipalities of Greater Migennoise; Migennes, France)
CCAMConformance Claim Attachment Mechanism (WS-I attachments profile)
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Histopathology report showed cysts lined by columnar epithelium in cases of CCAM, alveolar distention in CLE cases and in case of bronchogenic cyst, lining of respiratory epithelium.
Although most of the existing empirical studies on newcomers' adaptation processes are situated in this CCAM theoretical framework, mixed findings surface.
Under terms of the agreement, Merck, through a subsidiary, will acquire all outstanding stock of cCAM in exchange for an upfront payment of $95 million in cash.
Based on affiliation level CCAM member companies may collaborate on generic research and conduct proprietary research to innovate manufacturing practices, resulting in new techniques and processes.
An arrest in lung development between 4th and 7th week of fetal life produces bronchopulmonary foregut malformations and thus CCAM. [3] Histologically, CCAM are benign hamartomatous or dysplastic lung tumor, showing adenomatous overgrowth of terminal bronchioles with reduction in alveoli.
-Virginia State University - $105.6M: The software willsupport six programs at VSU, an organizing member institution of CCAM: Manufacturing Engineering, ComputerEngineering, Computer Science, Electronics EngineeringTechnology, Logistics Technology and Mechanical EngineeringTechnology.
Greenblatt, CPM, of San Diego, CA, is the new president; Lori Burger, CPM, PCAM, CCAM, CAM, of Rohnert Park, CA, is the new president-elect; and Christopher Mellen, CPM, of Dedham, MA, is the new secretary/treasurer.
Kennedy was among the first group of managers to receive the certificate Community Association Manager (CCAM) designation from the California Association of Community Managers.
Modeled after the successful Commonwealth Center for Advanced Manufacturing (CCAM), CCALS offers businesses and government agencies with significant logistics operations a new, unique and collaborative R&D method that promises to cut costs, accelerate new discoveries and deliver trans-formative results to the technology, transportation, human and other systems that enable logistics.
Kahram in Qatar, the Regional Administration of Piedmont, SMAT, and CCAM in Italy supported the initiative as conservation of water resources is of interest globally.
Congenital cystic diseases of the lung and mediastinum include congenital cystic adenomatoid malformation (CCAM), bronchopulmonary "sequestration", congenital lobar emphysema, broncogenic cyst, esophageal duplication cysts and neurogenic cysts (1).
Bacteriologist, bookkeeper, electrical contractor, maintenance technician, general manager of a construction and plumbing company, operator of an outdoor nursery and landscaping company, owner of a pool supply and maintenance firm, real estate broker and property manager--those are just some of the positions held by Lee Harvey, CCAM, CAMT, CAPS, PCAM, who has been a key member of San Diego's apartment industry for more than 30 years.