CCAPClimate Change Action Plan
CCAPChild Care Assistance Program
CCAPCahier des Clauses Administratives Particulières
CCAPCenter for Clean Air Policy
CCAPCulture Collection of Algae and Protozoa
CCAPChurch of Central Africa Presbyterian
CCAPConsolidated Court Automation Programs (Wisconsin)
CCAPCoastal Change Analysis Program (US NOAA)
CCAPCancer Chromosome Aberration Project
CCAPCommission Centrale des Appareils à Pression (French: Central Board of Pressure Equipment)
CCAPCRISIL Certified Analyst Programme
CCAPCivil Commercial Analysis Project
CCAPCrew Casualty Assessment Process
CCAPConsolidated Court Access Programs
CCAPColorado Corrections Alternative Program (Buena Vista Correction Complex)
CCAPCore Curriculum Assessment Program
CCAPCalifornia Community Access Program
CCAPCompagnie Céci-Arc de Paris (French: Céci-Arc Society in Paris)
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From his return to Malawi until now he has made no attempt to join the CCAP but has insisted on his being a Church of Scotland elder from time to time as it has suited him politically.
The CCAP architecture is a solid start towards solving the industry's growth dilemma.
The Altera DCA solution aligns with operator needs to evolve from HFC to DCA in a managed and flexible manner through Altera's longer term alignment with x86+FPGA platforms, enabling the dynamic segmentation of CCAP as either embedded in the node as an integrated headend or with x86+FPGA as virtualized modules in a datacenter.
He said that CCAP project has implemented multiple field interventions at Keti Bunder and Kharo Chan and making efforts to mitigate climate change risks.
We are thrilled to address this opportunity with Casa, as they are the leader in CMTS / CCAP industry.
First, much of the skew in teaching duties observed by the CCAP report authors is simply a function of the fact that UT employs a large number of part-time faculty.
Basic case information from these files was provided, including the number of children and adults in the household, the amount of the CCAP payments to providers, and the type of child care assistance received by the family (i.
Also, it has not established policies for receiving fees collected by CCAP.
We are happy to announce that in the next 12 months, new investments will be placed in strategic areas that will serve the emerging industries in Mindanao," said Anthony Dizon of Koldstor Centre Philippines, president of the CCAP, which held its fourth annual general meeting in Davao at the end of June.
For many of the students in CCAP, they are the first in the family to graduate high school, let alone go to college,'' said Mitzi Cutler, the Los Angeles program coordinator.
The survey by the CCAP child-abuse prevention center was conducted between October and December 1999 on some 1,500 mothers whose children attend elementary schools in Tokyo's 23 wards and in 12 large cities nationwide, including Yokohama, Osaka and Nagoya.