CCARACalhoun County Amateur Radio Association (Alabama)
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(27) A qari.di zun kaka-jar cunux-iz that old.woman(ERG) [I:ABS [egg-PL steal-INF] ata-nwa-j-di ja luhuz rak'-ar.a-l come-PRF-PTP-SBST COP saying] door-PL-SRESS cefte hald-na lock put.on-AOR 'That old woman put the lock on the door because [she thought that] I had come to steal the eggs.' Haspelmath 1993: 391) (28) k'wal.i-z ccara kas hax t-awu-raj [house-DAT strange person NEG-do-OPT lahan'a ada rak agal-na saying] he(ERG) door close-AOR 'He locked the door so that no stranger could come into the room.
Light wool or pack style animals (sometimes called classic or ccara) are double coated, with guard hair and a softer undercoat.
ANIMAL FIBER DIAMETER Vicun 6-10 microns Alpaca (Suri) 10-15 microns Musk Ox (Qiviut) 11-13 microns Angora Rabbit 13 microns Cashmere (goat) 15-19 microns Yak Down 15-19 microns Guanaco 16-18 microns Merino (sheep) 12-20 microns Chinchilla 21 microns Mohair (goat) 25-45 microns Alpaca (Huacaya) 27.7 microns Llama (Tapada) 20-30 microns Llama (Ccara) 30-40 microns Derrie Frost wrote for a number of publications from her home in Winter Park, Florida.