CCARHCenter for Computer Assisted Research in the Humanities (Stanford University)
CCARHCanadian Centre for Analysis of Regionalization and Health
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To judge from the number of times CCARH has had to report copyright violations to Google Books' legal department, one deduces that recognition of the copyright sign [C] (being curiously absent in some reverse title-page scans of our own books of the 1990s) is beyond the capabilities of Google's recognition software to detect.
It is obvious to this reviewer that when the CCARH conceived, developed, and released Themefinder, functionality, data entry, and search accuracy were higher priorities than usability.
Since the mid-eighties, CCARH has been working on the MuseData system, a large body of comprehensively encoded standard repertory, designed for multiple application involving sound, notation (score and parts), and analytical use (Eleanor Selfridge Field, "The Muse-Data Universe: A System of Musical Information," Computing in Musicology 9 [1993-94]: 11).