CCASCentre Communal d'Action Sociale (French: Center for Social Action; various locations)
CCASCenter for Contemporary Arab Studies
CCASCaisse Centrale d'Activités Sociales (French: Central Fund for Social Activities)
CCASCape Canaveral Air Station
CCASCouncil of Colleges of Arts and Sciences (est. 1965)
CCASConsumer Codes Approval Scheme
CCASConvention for the Conservation of Antarctic Seals
CCASCross Country Automotive Services
CCASCenter for Contemporary Art, Sacramento (California; est. 1989)
CCASCaisse de Coordination aux Assurances Sociales (French: Coordination Fund for Social Insurance)
CCASCongressional Courier Acceptance Site
CCASContingency Contract Administration Services (US DoD)
CCASCoalition for the Commercial Application of Superconductors
CCASCentral Coast Astronomical Society
CCASComputing Centre of Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow, Russia; also seen as CCRAS)
CCASCollier County Audubon Society
CCASContribution-Based Compensation Appraisal System
CCASCaribbean Cytometry & Analytical Society (Barbados)
CCASCentralized Crew Alerting System
CCASCentrale Chrétienne de l'Alimentation et des Services (French: Central Christian and Food Services; Belgium)
CCASContainment Cooling Actuation Signal
CCASCryogenic Carrier Attach System
CCASCatholic Community At Stanford (University)
CCASCentralized Contracting Acquisition System
CCASCertified Contracting Assistance Specialist (various organizations)
CCASConditional Capacity Availability Statement (City of Jacksonville, FL)
CCASCough/Cold/Allergy/Sinus (pharmaceuticals)
CCASCertified Commercial Apartment Specialist (National Apartment Marketing Institute, Inc.)
CCASCape Cod Air Station
CCASConference for Critical Animal Studies
CCASCreative Circle Advertising Solutions (Providence, RI)
CCASCollege of Communication Arts and Sciences (Michigan State University)
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At this point a check of records at the CCAS uncovered old records that indicated that both grandparents had criminal convictions and had been involved with the agency in the 1970's.
Because of their advocacy for the welfare of their grandchildren, the grandparents came to be viewed by CCAS staff as allies in the protection of their grandchildren.
The CCAS team in Kosovo was led, for six months, by Army Lieutenant Colonel Philip Yacovoni, commander of DCMA Lockheed Martin in Dallas.
Lieutenant Colonel Yacovoni's CCAS team monitored implementation of contract work, ensuring that Brown and Root performed its functions in compliance with the contract requirements.
The secret behind the success of our Total Case Management service are the professionals: these highly-trained, experienced, salaried employees are accountable for every incoming call CCAS receives, ensuring that vehicle owners receive the highest standard of service available anywhere," said Michael Saxton, President and CEO of CCAS.
CCAS's TCM program begins when an owner places a call to a CCAS case manager, who is responsible for assessing a customer's query.
Employing Kivera's proprietary technology to determine the best available data for the specific address or location enables CCAS to provide service to the driver more quickly and accurately.
and CCAS will be able to convert this information into precise latitude/longitude data.
As the central data monitoring service and customer contact center for Volvo's high-tech, safety and personal security link, CCAS will provide a range of telematics services including location-enhanced roadside and Mayday assistance, as well as alarm/theft notification, stolen vehicle tracking and remote features operations.
During the past 29 years, CCAS has made its mark on the automotive industry by providing safety and security programs that enable our clients to not only understand their customers' needs, but also help retain customers and capture their lifetime value.
CCAS is a leading provider of mobility-related customer services programs to half of all automotive brands, nearly half of the top property and casualty insurance companies, leading wireless carriers, and other industry leading organizations.
Since 1972, CCAS has built a reputation as the nation's leading provider of roadside assistance programs.