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CCASE CLOSED This was the 1994 decision following a threeyear inquiry by West Midlands Police into the pub bombings.
(24) <<Chesta e 'a chiave 'e casa// 'E ccase songhe aperte/ ma 'a chiave 'on serve chiu//Ha' cantate buone/ma 'un m'e piaciute proprie>> (Rossi 2006: 194).
Such a lexicon provokes a sonorous hardness in the dialect as well, perhaps a cruelty of tone, an ancient and hard sound, as in the seventeenth century, anti-Petrarchist and baroque, to which contribute as well some archeological reminings of terms like vetrera (glass furnace) or appuccenute (curled up in oneself because of the cold or illness; sad), as in the poem "Mal'aria" from the volume of that same name (1990): "Se ne so jute muro muro da / 'o maciello 'a vetrera 'a dint'e ccase / appuccenute sott'e cieuze senza / vummecarie .