CCATBCycle Count Accurate at Transaction Boundaries (modeling system design)
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His De profundis, the first piece in the edition, has the rather unusual scoring of a five-voice concertato choir (CCATB) with five-voice instrumental ensemble paired with a four-voice ripieno (CATB).
The works by Johann Schelle in the collection are not representative of most of Schelle's surviving output: a Latin hymn, Salve solis orimtis in an extravagant setting for six-voice choir (CCATTB), six-part brass ensemble, and four-part strings shows an interest in textural contrast and formal unity through a recurring ritornello, as does the Magnificat (CCATB, five-part brass and five-part strings).
37 Feare not (deare Love) that I'le reveale CCATB The witness is imperfect, giving only the latter part of the setting, beginning 'Only this meanes'.