CCATTCritical Care Air Transport Team (US Air Force)
CCATTCritical Care Aeromedical Transport Team (USAF)
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During flight, the CCATT crew continued to closely monitor vital sign and respiratory status and ensure adequate sedation and pain control.
Casualties are transported to the Bum Center by USAF CCATT crews or Army Burn Flight Teams, and occasionally both.
A maioria dos estudos produzidos utilizam dados fornecidos por gencias ambientais estaduais que quantificam os poluentes do ar; no entanto nao existem essas agencias em todos os municipios e tambem em todos os estados do Brasil, assim uma alternativa e a utilizacao de dados estimados por modelagem como o Coupled Chemistry Aerosol -Tracer Transport model to the Brazilian developments on the Regional Atmospheric Modelling System (CCATT BRAMS) (10-12).
Air Force's Critical Care Air Transport Teams (CCATTs).
While long-distance aeromedical evacuation of any military patient is usually assigned to units such as the USAF Critical Care Aeromedical Transport Teams (CCATTs), this is usually the last step in the tactical evacuation process.
CCATTs consist of a doctor, intensive care nurse and respiratory therapist.
He has been affiliated with the US Air force since 2005 and currently holds the rank of Major and is associated with the Critical Care Air Transport Team (CCATT) and is a Flight Surgeon with the Wisconsin Air National Guard.
Evacuation to the next higher level of care is arranged, and an Air Force Critical Care Air Transport Team (CCATT) arrives and assumes care of the patient.
So we miniaturized, we modularized, we became much more light, lean and life saving, and we evolved to the EMEDS and the CCATT, our Critical Care Air Transport Team Construct.