CCBRNColorado Community Based Research Network (University of Denver; Colorado)
CCBRNConventional, Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (UK)
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As a first step toward an evaluation, the WorkStyles program manager approached the third author, the coordinator of the CCBRN, to find out if funding could be acquired to craft a meaningful and rigorous evaluation of WorkStyles.
After defining the need for a central location for valuable research information and a formal support organization for CBOs and university researchers, the committee formed the CCBRN. In September 2001, the CCBRN decided to embark on two major activities: 1) create a virtual and physical library to house studies, reports, and data regarding community issues; and 2) pursue funding for the library, training, and workshops for community members, and financial support for students and faculty members working on CBR projects with CBOs.
First, the CCBRN is having difficulty finding funding.
Nevertheless, the CCBRN has connected with some key partners, including faculty from the University of Denver (Education), the University of Colorado at Denver (Political Science), and Regis University (Sociology), along with the Piton Foundation, the Denver Enterprise Board, Denver Benchmarks, New Cole Development Corporation, Mercy Housing, and the Colorado Campus Compact.
The CCBRN in Denver cites research showing institutions of higher education as one of the most trusted institutions in Colorado, and the political system as the least trusted (Wells Fargo Public Opinion Research Program, 2001), leading them to develop strategies of building on that trust around policy questions.
But funding to develop CBR networks is rare, as the CCBRN and Trenton Center noted.