CCBSACalifornia Clerk of the Board of Supervisors Association
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In committing itself to broad-based black economic empowerment aligned to the SA governments imperative to equalise economic opportunity, the merger parties have also agreed to increase black ownership of CCBSA to 20% and will sell a 20% shareholding in Appletiser South Africa to black shareholders who will play an active role in the business.
The headquarters of CCBA and CCBSA will be located in South Africa, ensuring the companies will remain tax-resident in the country and bring additional revenues to local and national governments.
The merger parties agreed to a number of commitments which align closely with the South African governments national imperatives, including by: Providing for small retail outlets (smaller than 20 m2) to be free to provide 10% of visible space in the Coca-Cola coolers to smaller competitor products where there are no other coolers available in the retail outlets Increasing the broad-based empowerment ownership of CCBSA to 20% and selling a 20% shareholding in Appletiser South Africa to appropriate black shareholders who will be expected to participate actively in the business; Maintaining and growing the Appletiser South African production operations to serve the domestic market and as a base from which to export Appletiser to the rest of the continent and elsewhere in the world.