CCCCSCalifornia Community Colleges Classified Senate
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CCCC is the largest port construction and design company in China, a leading company in road and bridge construction and design, a leading railway construction company, the largest dredging company in China and the second largest dredging company (in terms of dredging capacity) in the world.
Linda once described to me tubing on a river before a CCCC meeting.
I see Linda in deep conversation with Win Horner, leaning into each other, gliding through a CCCC's crowd.
WHEREAS a long history of position statements and exhortations from CCCC, WPA, MLA, ADE, NCTE have not provided mechanisms that compel specific, concrete, demonstrable changes in working conditions;
He has served as co-chair of the CCCC Committee on Part-time, Adjunct, and Contingent Labor and serves as co-chair of the CWPA Labor Committee.
"Integrating Multimodality into Composition Curricula: Survey Methodology and Results from a CCCCs Research Grant." Composition Studies 34.2 (2006): 59-84.
(8.) The opinions described here without benefit of citation are drawn from my memory of several public discussions of the Outcomes Statement in progress at both CCCCs and WPA conferences.
In "Grounding Principles of OWI," Hewett explains this need as a rationale for the development of CCCC's Committee for Effective Practices in OWI's A Position Statement of Principles and Example Effective Practices for Online Writing Instruction (35).
In March 2013, CCCC's Committee for Effective Practices in OWI penned A Position Statement of Principles and Example Effective Practices for Online Writing Instruction (OWI).
With few consistent discussions within IWCA concerning OWT, no current or planned IWCA position statements that explicitly address the work of online writing centers (Grogan (5)), and an IWCA bibliography on OWT that, during the year we worked on this article, includes only four sources--all published before 2001 ("IWCA Bibliography"), OWT professionals are left with important questions: Despite the conflation of teacher and tutor, do we align our practice with the CCCC's Committee for Practices in OWI, which has embraced OWT research as exhibited in OWI Principles 13 and 14?