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sent the invitation through the joint congressional oversight committee, which in turn, sent the invitation to election watchdogs like CCCE.
A panel of experts comprised of two leadership curriculum specialists, three agricultural education teacher educators from Oklahoma State University, and three students from high schools in Oklahoma reviewed the CCCE for face and content validity (Creswell, 2008).
According to Gordon Laird, the CCCE, previously called the Business Council on National Issues, was instrumental during the 1980s in advocating, "the policy that would soon build government debt; the high interests imposed by the Bank of Canada to control inflation.
Ademas de las organizaciones existentes en la region, entre finales de 1999 y principios del ano 2000 surgieron el Movimiento de Mujeres de la Costa Abajo de Colon (MOMUCAC) y la Coordinadora Campesina contra los Embalses (CCCE).
In mid-July, the Canadian Council of Chief Executives, a non-partisan organization made up of CEOs from Canada's leading enterprises, released the 12-page report Framing an Energy Strategy for Canada, that included among its "10 key elements" the recommendation to "facilitate stronger partnerships with Aboriginal peoples on energy projects." The CCCE report further states that "Addressing the role of Aboriginal communities in energy and resource development begins with early engagement and a true spirit of building stronger relationships.
Molly Remer, MSW, ICCE, CCCE is a certified birth educator and activist.
In Massachusetts, we had help in the field from the BARS (Barnstable Association for Recreational Shellfishing) group and CCCE marine program specialist, Joshua Reitsma.
Roussel's first option, a "Formal Security Perimeter," was further advocated in January 2003 by the Canadian Counsel of Chief Executives (CCCE) through its North American Security and Prosperity Initiative.
Jeanne Cole, PT, CCCE, CCI Physical Therapist, Summa Health System