CCCICampus Crusade for Christ International
CCCIConseil Canadien pour La Coopération Internationale (French: Canadian Council for International Cooperation)
CCCICebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Philippines)
CCCICentral Criminal Court of Iraq
CCCICrossroads Christian Communications Inc.
CCCICorrelation-Consistent Configuration Interaction
CCCICarleton Centre for Community Innovation (Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada)
CCCICommand-Control Communications Intelligence
CCCICORBA Conversion Concepts for Intelligence
CCCICross Cultural Communications Institute
CCCICybernet Currency Clearing, Inc.
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Newly elected President of the CCCI Phedias Pilides said that the state should start adopting measures to strengthen the economy.
Gareth Tang President and CFO of CCCI stated, "We are excited about the direction in which our company is headed.
We're very excited about Little Universe, its potential in the marketplace and its contribution to our goals for value creation through Internet activities," says Steven Trenk, President of CCCI.
CCCI announced last week that it had formed a strategic alliance with Alliant Technologies and announced that it has decided to harness the energy behind the Internet and focus on B2B e-commerce, wireless and/or broadband opportunities to establish an Internet Incubator to provide its management expertise and capital to one or more early stage companies who can benefit from its strengths and resources.
Based on our business model, we feel CCCI is an excellent opportunity for investors to participate in the growing Chinese cable television and telecom market.
Through this proposed alliance, CCCI expects to invest in early stage Internet companies.
According to the two project implementing partners, the CCCI and the KTTO, this activity will benefit 12 Greek Cypriot interns, 12 Turkish Cypriot interns and a maximum of 24 companies in both communities over the period of September 2015-April 2016, with a 3-month duration internship for each intern.
Several CCCI ministries made changes from 2006 to 2007 in direct marketing efforts, such as mailing less frequently, Hawkes said, while others that did not invest in new donor acquisitions historically saw substantial attrition to mailing lists.
There, CCCI is erecting the "Pavilion of Promise," the first major pavilion with an evangelical theme ever built for a world's fair (see sidebar).
CCCI (1)-Handmade clay teapots, green tea, ginseng tea, vases, table runners
It is being thought to exempt Cyprus and three European Union member states," Marios Tsiakkis, secretary general of the CCCI said today in an interview to state radio CyBC.
During the meeting, the Presidents of OEB and CCCI talked about the problems their members faced during the previous framework programme for Research and Innovation (2007-2013) and ways to solve those problems for the current framework programme 2014-2020.