CCCLCoastal Construction Control Line (Florida)
CCCLConsolidated Construction Consortium Limited (India)
CCCLCentre Culturel et de Cooperation Linguistique
CCCLChildren’s Cancer Center of Lebanon
CCCLCanadian College of Construction Lawyers
CCCLContra Costa County Library (California)
CCCLCollaborative Content Creation Lab
CCCLClub de Canoe de Course de Lachine (French: Lachine Canoe Club Racing; Canada)
CCCLCleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago, & St. Louis Railway
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The AFD financing brings to CCCL the additional resources needed to cover its needs to finance its multi-year investment program covering:
Improvements on structures constructed partially or totally seaward of a CCCL must have the lowest horizontal structural beam located above the predicted breaking wave crest.
The exhibition is a gate by which we can explore other opportunities," said Noujeim, expressing hope that the event will help raise both money and awareness of CCCL, which relies on donations.
Not only are the Library-a-Go-Go machines good from a convenience point of view, they have been a major marketing help to CCCL, which is now getting its name out and reaching new potential patrons.
Since its inception in 2002, CCCL has returned to the California legislature on three different occasions, bringing the first licensure bill in 2005, a second in 2007, and a third and final bill in 2009.
The Quebec-based CCCL offered a unique perspective on constitutional questions in Canada.
Carrott held a 15 per cent stake in CCCL while Mr Smith owned 36 per cent.
Mr Carrott held a 15% stake in CCCL while Mr Smith owned 36%.
14) By 1943, almost 70,000 TLC-AFL members were concentrated in Montreal, compared to approximately 13,000 members for each of the CCCL and CCL.
3]tE[umlaut] du CD de la 'Star Academy' et des derniE res E[umlaut]toiles montantes de la musique locale et internationale, pourquoi n'ajouteriez-vous pas Ea votre collection le dernier CD du CCCL ?
Boniface's attribution of the sermon to Augustine is, of course, not surprising: its opening sections draw on Augustine's sermon CCCL, and it is identified in three manuscripts as by him.
2, CCCL announced that they hoped the controversial issue would be resolved under Lebanese law and that they support the ethical treatment and well-being of all animals.