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Along the same lines, the effect of the CCCL reestablishment on damage is a priori ambiguous because of the existing county codes that were already in place.
Visual inspection of each property through the Lee County Property Appraiser website was used to determine distance from the Gulf of Mexico, whether the building site is seaward or landward of the 1991 CCCL, and what zone the property would have been in under the old county code.
We also find that properties seaward of the 1991 CCCL and built following the line's reestablishment incur 47.5 percent more total damage than similarly located residences built prior to the reestablishment.
Finally, the price effect of the CCCL regulation is expected to differ, depending on whether the property is designated as seaward of the line.
Finally, the study results reveal a drop in price of 30 percent for CCCL-designated land following the 1991 CCCL reestablishment relative to similarly located land prior to the announcement.