CCCMCPE (Customer Premises Equipment) Controlled Cable Modem
CCCMCertified Commercial Contracts Manager
CCCMComputing, Communication, Control and Management
CCCMClimate and Carbon Cycle Modeling Group (LLNL)
CCCMCertified Contact Center Manager
CCCMCyclic Conjugate Correlation Matrix
CCCMCampaña Colombiana Contra Las Minas (Spanish: Colombian Campaign Against Mines)
CCCMCenter Customer Commitment Manager (US NASA)
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CCCM maintained the data using the different tools in different regions and that remained the status quo for several years.
Prior to the development of the first CCCM reference plan website, the only way that external users were able to view or use CCCM data was either to obtain hard copy plots of the reference plan information (survey fabric) or to purchase the data from CCCM in one of several digital formats.
In 1999, the CCCM Western Regional Operations Centre (WROC) began experimenting with the various web GIS technologies available at the time.
Yukon Regional Operations Centre (YROC) and the Northwest Territories Regional Operations Centre (NROC) created maps to cover the three territories shortly after and this completed the web presence of the CCCM reference plans so there was full coverage for all Canada Lands in the country with the exception of a few small pockets.
These individual maps for the various regions comprise the current edition of the online reference plans which is accessible through the CCCM website listed under references.
Then, in 2004, CCCM made a push to standardize on the platform used and the procedures in place for maintaining data throughout CCCM.
Dealing with 57 geodatabases located in four offices is a challenge which had to be overcome but fortunately there is software available that helps this situation and the software chosen by CCCM is Safe Software's FME.
The CCCM web application has a data model derived from the maintenance data model developed for the ICM project.
In the maintenance environment for the CCCM data, all data is stored in projected coordinates since that's the only way to work with the data locally and to avoid any issues with reprojecting data.
In a dynamic environment that is and will continue to be highly competitive, CCCM designation can provide opportunities that otherwise might not be available.
NCMA salutes these new CCCMs, honors their accomplishment, and encourages certification as an essential element of the contract management profession.
Chris Ricciardi, Chief Executive Officer of CCCM stated, "This is an exciting time for investment banking at Cohen & Company Capital Markets.