CCCOCentral Committee for Conscientious Objectors
CCCOCanadian Capital Cities Organization (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
CCCOColorado Community Colleges Online
CCCOChristian Coalition of Colorado (Denver, CO)
CCCOCommunauté de Communes du Canton d'Orthez (French: Community of Municipalities of the Canton of Orthez; Orthez, France)
CCCOContra Costa Chamber Orchestra (Walnut Creek, CA)
CCCOJoint Committee on Climatic Changes and the Ocean
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La oposicion se remonta a diciembre de 2014, cuando se anuncio el proyecto --cuyo costo total es de 600 millones de pesos--, el cual fue presentado por el Secretario de Turismo oaxaqueno, Jose Zorrilla de San Martin Diego, a quien Hernandez senalo de favorecerse con el CCCO.
In April 2010, a month after the start of the journal was announced at CCCC, I sent an email query to the editor asking for clarification on the journal's technical and social infrastructures, in part because I wanted to publish there myself and I knew about NCTE's poor history with its previous two CCCO versions.
8, 1991; NISBCO and CCCO "Information Requests Flood CO-Advocate Organizations," Mennonite Weekly Review, Sept.
En ese sentido, dijo, esta administracion respeta las voces disidentes del proyecto del CCCO, como las de los maestros Toledo y Hernandez, a quienes reconocio como grandes exponentes de la plastica e impulsores de importantes proyectos de beneficio colectivo.
The CCCO and SCLC formed the Chicago Freedom Movement (CFM) and in the summer of 1966 initiated a series of demonstrations in several of the city's white working class neighborhoods.
Beansprout offers CCCO as a free service until January 2001, when affordable pricing will go into effect.
For employers, CCCO features a Search Agent that enables a targeted search for employees and automatically gathers a list of qualified candidates.
CCCO served 84,242 customers on average during the quarter compared with 85,995 on average on year ago, a decrease of 2.
The results reflect the impact of the acquisition of the assets of CCCO by Insight Communications of Central Ohio, LLC (Insight Ohio) on August 21, 1998.
CCCO served 84,236 customers on December 31, 1999 compared with 87,637 a year earlier, representing a decrease of approximately 3.
of the assets of CCCO by Insight Ohio and the related financing