CCCOCentral Committee for Conscientious Objectors
CCCOCanadian Capital Cities Organization (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
CCCOColorado Community Colleges Online
CCCOChristian Coalition of Colorado (Denver, CO)
CCCOCommunauté de Communes du Canton d'Orthez (French: Community of Municipalities of the Canton of Orthez; Orthez, France)
CCCOContra Costa Chamber Orchestra (Walnut Creek, CA)
CCCOJoint Committee on Climatic Changes and the Ocean
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as the holders of the CCCO Options on the expiry date of 13 February
The Directors who were not holders of CCCO Options have resolved that,
holders of the CCCO Options on the expiry date of 13 February 2013, on
CCCO is more commonly associated with development of venous thromboembolic events when compared to other subtypes of epithelial ovarian tumors (9, 10).
It is important to recognize the association between CCCO and the development of venous thromboemboli, as it has been suggested that these patients receive anticoagulation therapy indefinitely after surgery since there is a high rate of venous thromboembolism after surgery (9).
The results reflect the impact of the acquisition of the assets of CCCO by Insight Communications of Central Ohio, LLC (Insight Ohio) on August 21, 1998.
CCCO served 84,242 customers on average during the quarter compared with 85,995 on average on year ago, a decrease of 2.
Beansprout offers CCCO as a free service until January 2001, when affordable pricing will go into effect.
For employers, CCCO features a Search Agent that enables a targeted search for employees and automatically gathers a list of qualified candidates.
of the assets of CCCO by Insight Ohio and the related financing