CCCQCanine Control Council Queensland (Australia)
CCCQCombined Caravan Clubs of Queensland (Australia)
CCCQCitroën Car Club of Queensland (Queensland, Australia)
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"We're proud to provide these services to the members of CCCQ and bring more transparency to breeder practices and prospective pet buyers," said Dr.
The anonymous questionnaire contained twenty-three questions adapted from the CCCQ that measured their self-assessment of CC in regards to knowledge, skill, comfort, and attitude, yielding an overall CC score and also two demographic and two open ended questions.
Prior studies established a high level of reliability and validity for the original CCCQ. (23-25) In this study, Cronbach's alpha showed that the CCCQM was highly reliable overall (a=0.908) as well as each of the four scales of knowledge (a=0.844), skill (a=0.863), comfort (a=0.856), and attitude (a=0.708).
Measurement proprieties of the Client- centred Care Questionnaire (CCCQ): Factor structure, reliability and vality of a questionnaire to assess self-reported client- centredness of home services in a population of frail, older people.
The CCCQ contains a fifth subscale that reflects cultural desire.
Descriptive statistics were calculated to describe the sample population, scores from the CCCQ, and nurse training levels in cultural diversity.