CCCRCConsortium of Canadian Chiropractic Research Centres
CCCRCChesapeake Child Care Resource Center (Maryland)
CCCRCCombined Cathedral Crews Rowing Club
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For budget year 2009-10, the CCCRC Fourth District saved taxpayers $4.
Workshop I established nine research priorities for the CCCRC which reflected the breadth of activity in this discipline.
Despite all of the obstacles, George says the CCCRCs are "fully functional," carrying out their statutory mandate, and handling over 100,000 cases, while saving an estimated $180 million that would have been paid to private attorneys in fees.
Currently pending is a challenge from several Florida counties, arguing that the provision of the CCCRC law requiring counties to provide office space and other support services is unconstitutional.
But Rudenstine added that several counties have sued the five CCCRC offices, claiming that the state illegally requires them to supply offices and other support supplies and services.
T]hough the types of criminal cases handled may be the same, the fact that the CCCRC only step in when the public defender has a conflict is key to our determination that the CCCRC are not in fact public defenders," Pariente wrote for the court.
The CCCRCs were supposed to be fully up and running by January 1.
In the Third DCA region, CCCRC Joseph George said he had hired 30 attorneys and 10 support staff and had accepted about 85 to 90 cases.
In addition, the court's order granting the writ enjoined the CCCRC from performing all their duties, not just their criminal ones.
The legislature earlier this year, citing rising costs of hiring private counsel, created five CCCRC offices, one in each district court of appeal jurisdiction.
3 million that is tied to the office leases for the five Criminal Conflict and Civil Regional Counsels now that the Supreme Court has ruled that the Legislature ran afoul of the Florida Constitution by requiring counties to house the CCCRCs.
Jackson Flyte, criminal conflict and civil regional counsel for the Second District Court of Appeal jurisdiction, said a 10 percent reduction could cost the five CCCRCs about 46 of their 386 attorney positions.