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CCCSConsumer Credit Counseling Service
CCCSCore Curriculum Content Standards
CCCSColorado Community College System
CCCSCalvary Chapel Christian School
CCCSCurrent Controlled Current Source
CCCSCorpus Christi Catholic School
CCCSCall Centre Council of Singapore
CCCSCoalition for College Cost Savings (Nashville, TN)
CCCSContra Costa Chinese School
CCCSCore Components Cleaning System
CCCSCamera-Centered Coordinate System
CCCSColonial and Continental Church Society (now International Church Society; UK)
CCCSCentral Coast Communications Society (British Columbia)
CCCSCertified Contact Center Supervisor
CCCSCommercial Credit Counseling Service (various locations)
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With AT&T announcing plans to exit the Operator Services business by end of 1Q16, the new combined efforts of both Intelis and CCCS will provide Carriers with a powerful one-stop resource for OS and DA services.
To speak with a support counselor about an existing CCCS of NJ Debt Management Plan, call 800.
CCCS provides free and confidential debt advice via its telephone helpline (0800 138 1111) and anonymous online debt counselling tool, CCCS Debt Remedy, at www.
In exchange for destroying all of his credit cards and committing to a payment plan, Williams negotiated a plan with CCCS to erase late fees, over-the-limit fees, and no-payment fees, and substantially reduced all of his interest rates.
CCCS said when the debt service ratio was high people had less money available to buy goods and services.
With 13 colleges throughout (the) state, being able to handle this conversion at one location was much more efficient than each college attempting to do their own," said CCCS President Joe D, May, "Given the significant budget challenges that we've faced over the last couple of years, we couldn't bring in consultants or buy new equipment.
San Francisco, which holds a majority interest in Fairbanks Capital, will support the Fairbanks-CCCS initiative with a two-year, $100,000 grant to CCCS to cover startup and other expenses.
Theoretically, that would be the best way to do it,'' said CCCS spokeswoman Jennifer Root.
FUNDING DISRUPTION TESTED FLEXIBILITY: The funding disruption that CCCS endured during fiscal 2012 tested the school's financial flexibility.
Recognizing a gap in Colorado's higher education system for career and technical students and an unmet business need, the CCCS asked for and obtained legislative approval to expand its offerings to include four-year career and technical bachelor of applied science degrees in 2014.
The CCCS said the number of their young clients facing mortgage arrears had also fallen.
The Debt and the Regions report, produced by the Financial Inclusion Centre for CCCS, warned large numbers of households in the region were "financially vulnerable".