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CCCSConsumer Credit Counseling Service
CCCSCentre for Contemporary Cultural Studies (University of Birmingham; England, UK)
CCCSCore Curriculum Content Standards
CCCSColorado Community College System
CCCSCalifornia Community Colleges System
CCCSCalvary Chapel Christian School
CCCSCentre for Crop Circle Studies
CCCSCurrent Controlled Current Source
CCCSCommercial Credit Counseling Service (various locations)
CCCSConnecticut Community College System
CCCSCorpus Christi Catholic School
CCCSCall Centre Council of Singapore
CCCSCoalition for College Cost Savings (Nashville, TN)
CCCSContra Costa Chinese School
CCCSCore Components Cleaning System
CCCSCamera-Centered Coordinate System
CCCSColonial and Continental Church Society (now International Church Society; UK)
CCCSCentral Coast Communications Society (British Columbia)
CCCSCertified Contact Center Supervisor
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I would urge anyone in Huddersfield who is in this position to seek free advice from a debt charity such as CCCS as early as possible.
Jennifer Brumby has been with the CCCS since 1998 and has been running the Newcastle operation ( which has advised more than 2,000 people with debt problems in the past two years ( since 2001.
CCCS counselors also work with business people who are frustrated by trying to collect bad debts.
I would urge anyone in the Huddersfield area who is in this situation to seek free advice from a debt charity such as CCCS, who will be able to explain all the available options and give the best advice tailored to your circumstances.
Contact the CCCS on 0800 138 1111 or get online debt advice at www.
Their CCCS counsellor has recommended bankruptcy as their best option.
But genuinely factual information is sparse, which is why CCCS Scotland, as the largest debt charity operating in Scotland, has brought together this information
The research, based on 30,000 people who had contacted CCCS for help, also found the average debt of people entering one of the plans, under which interest on debt is frozen in exchange for people paying back a set amount each month, is pounds 24,460.
Malcolm Hurlston, chairman of CCCS, said, ``The levels of debt stress currently experienced by male CCCS clients are a cause of concern.
com, provides lenders with a direct link to the online registration center at CCCS.