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The implementation of the CCCTB is connected not only to the grouping for taxation purposes and consolidation but also to the problem of the tax-sharing mechanism, which has raised much discussion.
The EESC said that it believes that the CCCTB, which aims at reducing differences in the tax systems of European Union member states and so reduce the use of aggressive tax planning by multinational companies, which in turn reduces member states' tax revenue, "could generate benefits for companies, citizens and member states, if it delivers simplicity and certainty of corporate taxation on the one hand, and reduces tax barriers and complexity on the other," the body, comprised of civil society representatives, said in an emailed statement.
This CCCTB system will be "mandatory for large multinational groups which have the greatest capacity for aggressive tax planning, making certain that companies with global revenues exceeding 750 million euros ($825 million) a year will be taxed where they really make their profits."
Proposal for a Council Directive on a Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base (cCcTB), COM(2011) 121/4, Brussels
2010) exploring the macro-economic impact of introducing a CCCTB find that the system would not yield substantial welfare gains for Europe.
version of the CCCTB. (90) The CCCTB allocates the taxable income of a
Initially, the CCCTB would only apply to European cooperative societies, which are by nature cross-border.
While the implementation of the CCCTB would solve the transfer pricing problem within the EU, it is an incomplete solution.
"The commission already has proposals on cccTB (common tax base) on the table and Ireland has already signalled we are going to constructively engage on this issue.
Common consolidated corporate tax base working group (2007), CCCTB: possible elements of the sharing mechanism, Brussels.
The Commission estimates that the common consolidated corporate tax base (CCCTB) could save EU businesses [euro]700m in reduced compliance costs and [euro]1.3bn through consolidation.
"The CCCTB will make it easier, cheaper and more convenient to do business