CCCUCouncil for Christian Colleges and Universities (formerly Coalition for Christian Colleges and Universities)
CCCUCaribbean Confederation of Credit Unions
CCCUCommunity College of City University (Hong Kong)
CCCUCoalition for Christian Colleges and Universities (now Council for Christian Colleges and Universities)
CCCUCoast Central Credit Union (California, USA)
CCCUChurches of Christ in Christian Union (Circleville, Ohio)
CCCUCapital Community Credit Union
CCCUCrew Communication Control Unit (aviation)
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'Further, the fight for universal equality, especially for women and ethnic and other minorities are also the cause of those who love justice and who promote peace,' Minnis said, noting that the WCCU and the CCCU are partners in various development projects
Chartered in 1940, CCCU serves 11,550 members, which will increase First Community CU's membership from its current membership of 32,378 to 43,928 after the merger.
The results from the CCCU group, which are summarized in Figure 2, reveal that 41 percent of institutions are teaching courses focused exclusively on investment topics.
Many CCCU programs either teach explicitly labelled integration courses or attempt to integrate throughout various courses in the curriculum.
Same-sex marriage is causing a rift among the CCCU's member institutions.
(1.) The Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU) developed their Leadership Development Institutes as one response to this concern.
The results presented are from the 48 participants who completed the study, which was approved by the local NHS Research Ethics and Canterbury Christ Church University (CCCU) Faculty Research Ethics Committees.
Sherry, "CCCU Faculty Salary Survey: 2007-2008 Update," Council of Christian Colleges and Universities.
Enrollment at the 102 CCCU campuses grew 71 percent between 1990 and 2004, and Corts says he has no reason to believe member schools will close.
The core of these institutions is represented today in the Council of Christian Colleges & Universities (CCCU), with over 100 current members.
Between 1990 and 2003, enrollment in the 101 schools that make up the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities, or CCCU (of which Regent is an affiliate member), jumped 64 percent, twice the growth rate at public schools and one and a half times the growth rate at private schools.