CCDFChild Care and Development Fund
CCDFComplementary Cumulative Distribution Function
CCDFCanadian Career Development Foundation (est. 1979)
CCDFClarence Campeau Development Fund (Metis peoples' economic assistance group; est. 1997; Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada)
CCDFCamping Club de France (Paris, France)
CCDFCentral Clothing Distribution Facility
CCDFComparative Crime Data File (Dane Archer and Rosemary Gartner research project; criminology)
CCDFChester County Deer Forum (est. 2003; Pennsylvania)
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Figure 2 illustrates the computer simulation results of CCDF curves based on different precoding schemes and modulation orders, where the proposed ZCM is compared with the Walsh-Hadamard matrix, the DFT operation, and the OCT.
For CCDF = [10.sup.-3], we have 3.942 dB and 3.979 dB for EFWA and dynFWA, respectively, while AFWA has 4.283 dB compared with FWA (4dB).
The estimation of the conditional scale function is derived through the CCDF. However, the following assumptions and definitions (these assumptions are commonly used for kernel density estimation (KDE), bias reduction [13], asymptotic properties, and normality proof) are necessary (see Table 1).
Figure 4 demonstrates the complementary cumulative distribution functions (CCDF) of the degrees from 2008 to 2016.
In the figure, it is observed that the PAPR of OFDM signal is about 10.5 dB corresponding CCDF of [10.sup.-3] without SPS-SLM.
and the CCDF is defined in terms of the time samples of the PAPR in (4).
Then, the PAPR is calculated by using the complementary cumulative distribution (CCDF) technique.
The PAPR performance curves are evaluated in terms of complementary cumulative distribution functions (CCDF).
Families (ACF) through the Office of Child (OCC) Care released a second notice in the Federal Register (80 FR 57620) announcing the release of the fiscal year 2016-2018 Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) State Plan for States and Territories or "pre-print." The initial rewrite of the pre-print document responded to the new mandates within the Child Care and Development Block Grant Act of 2014 (P.L.
Form CCDF curves it is noticed that after applying clipping technique and angle modulator technique has reduced PAPR.
Section 2 describes the PAPR and complementary cumulative distribution function (CCDF) definitions.