CCDFChild Care and Development Fund
CCDFComplementary Cumulative Distribution Function
CCDFCanadian Career Development Foundation (est. 1979)
CCDFClarence Campeau Development Fund (Metis peoples' economic assistance group; est. 1997; Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada)
CCDFCamping Club de France (Paris, France)
CCDFCentral Clothing Distribution Facility
CCDFComparative Crime Data File (Dane Archer and Rosemary Gartner research project; criminology)
CCDFChester County Deer Forum (est. 2003; Pennsylvania)
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In addition, better coordinating the phasing-in and phasing-out of the EITC, child tax credit, child care tax credit, and CCDF subsidies could lessen the marginal tax rates for low-income families.
It has been concluded from CCDF curves that afterapplying clipping technique and angle modulatortechnique have reduced PAPR as compared toOFDM signal and clipping OFDM respectively systemDuring the suppression of PAPR problem the signalprior to transmission is fed to HPA amplifier thenthe behavior of non linearities turn out to be insignificant and system can run at maximum power efficiency till the saturation point of PA.
CCDF curve relates a power level to the probability that a measurement will be equal to or greater than that power.
Again, the CCDFs of capacity in each laboratory (room) have been computed and the results are summarized in Table 2 for a probability of 90%.
Due to insufficient research available on child health, the CCDF has targeted providers who give subsidized care to ensure that minimal health and safety standards are being met.
Evaluation Based on CCDFs of Total Atmospheric Attenuation at 100 GHz and 300 GHz
On the initiative of the CCDF, the protest meetings and demonstrations were again held all over East Bengal on 12 November including a meeting at the Armanitola Maidan Dhaka presided over by advocate Aftabuddin Khan.
CCDF officials are in talks with Aboriginal and Northern Affairs Canada to obtain federal funding to help with a report that would prove a fulltime procurement department is needed.
In addition, CCDF helps leverage child care investments from the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program and other funding streams, resulting in financial support to make child care more affordable for a total of 2.
It means that we need to reduce the correlation so as to approach the CCDF theoretical boundary as much as possible, and for PTS method, sub-blocks partition is related to correlation property directly.
Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) administers CCDF, but states have flexibility in its implementation.
States supplement CCDF funds using unspent TANF funds and other state resources.