CCDHBCapital Coast District Health Board (New Zealand)
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CCDHB was 43 nurses short in total across its mental health services, he said in a statement.
The Quality Coordinator updated the policy on the CCDHB Electronic Document Management System, CapitalDoc.
Justine Lawson RM, RCpnN Associate Charge Midwife Manager, CCDHB
Participants were recruited from the rehabilitation department of CCDHB.
3) Strategies to ensure PR at CCDHB meets BTS standards included implementing a written, personalised care plan post programme, and admitting clients with an exacerbation of COPD into PR within one month of their hospital discharge.
The audit enabled the attendance rates, outcomes and standards of the CCDHB PR programme to be evaluated.
Now CCDHB nurses are taking their turn--12 intensive care and six transit nurses are currently going through simulator training, and it is hoped up to 25 neonatal intensive care flight nurses will attend later this year.
CCDHB then planned to open the facility and programme to other DHBs, Hathaway said.
According to the Dominion Post, ('Minister berates capital's DHB, March 28) the number of ED patients in the CCDHB region has risen 18 per cent in the last five years, with the biggest growth in the sickest patients.
The programme was introduced to CCDHB in 2008, with statistics showing a marked reduction in the number of aggressive incidents requiring physical or environmental de-escalation over the ensuing years.
A report commissioned for the Maori Health Development Unit CCDHB.