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The CCDN chairman said that they would promote collaboration at relevant forums and support various interventions and ensure liaison with public-private entities for their respective functions.
The third technique reduces the number of requests handled by the CCDN in the second technique by allowing peers to request a collection of chunks instead of individual chunks.
Along with that, the role of cloud platform is to assist the delivery by using a storage service and a cloud content delivery network (CCDN).
Each peer in the P2P can request these chunks at any time, and requested chunks are delivered to the requester through edge locations in the CCDN. Such a request is issued by a peer when it detects the missing of a chunk in a sub-stream.
More concretely, we use Amazon's pricing model [31-32] in which the customer should pay for: 1) the amount of data bandwidth fetched from the CCDN, 2) the number of requests issued to the CCDN and 3) the number of requests issued to the storage service.
Thus the cost of the baseline model concerned with the cloud assistance is comprised of the number of requests issued to the CCDN and the amount of chunks fetched from the CCDN.
The proposed method consists of three techniques; 1) quick recovery from the status being orphaned with the aid of cloud storage services, 2) proactive fetching of chunks from the CCDN, and 3) the reduction of the number of requests to the CCDN with the notion of frames.
During such a suspension, the orphaned peer should fetch missing chunks from the CCDN to keep the playback of the live stream.
Usually, requests to the storage service are more expensive than requests to the CCDN (see [31] and [32] for the example of cloud price in Amazon).
The key idea of the second technique is to allow several peers selected from each tree to conduct a proactive fetch of chunks from the CCDN so that the delayed chunks due to the shortage of P2P capacity does not occur.
* Support of the trend for smaller electronic components by creating more free space on the board when using the FKCN 2.5 and the CCDN 2.5 together.