CCDOChildren Care Development Organization (Washington, DC)
CCDOCommunity Capacity Development Office (US DOJ)
CCDOCambodian Child's Dream Organization
CCDOCenter City Development Office (San Antonio, TX)
CCDOCanadian Classification and Dictionary of Occupations (Canada Department of Manpower and Immigration)
CCDOCare for Community Development Organization
CCDOCentro Cirúrgico Dentário e Ortodôntico (Portuguese: Dental and Orthodontic Surgery Center)
CCDOCertificate of Competence of Demolition Operatives (construction; UK)
CCDOConstant Coefficient Differential Operator (differential analysis)
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At least in the near term, the electronic structures and use cases defined for HITECH are likely to be most broadly available within any community of hospital and physician participants in a CCDO. Stage 1 requires exchange of very basic information--allergies, medications, problems, and lab results--a core information set for any patient.
28, a team of researchers in the Waltham, Mass.-based Global Institute for Emerging Healthcare Practices, a division of the Falls Church, Va.-based CSC, published a new report, "Coordinated Care: Assembling the Patient Information." The report, authored by Jane Metzger, Rebekah McLear, and Jordan Battani, examines what accountable care-type organizations, referred to in the report as "coordinated care delivery organizations," or "CCDOs," are facing with regarding to the data and information requirements needed to facilitate coordinated care or accountable care.
An earlier analysis of 1991 census data used the CCDO classification to produce and to compare a scale based on the Nam--Powers methodology to a Blishen prestige-type scale.
In the case of the Canadian Classification and Dictionary of Occupations (CCDO) from the 1970s, the broad groups were criticized for being multi-dimensional and heterogeneous.
To consolidate the original 49 occupations into 36, we combined occupations having few observations with other occupations within the same major Canadian Classification and Dictionary of Occupation (CCDO) groupings.
No information is available to indicate whether the individual is a salaried or hourly-rated employee, though a four digit occupation code from the Canadian Classification and Dictionary of Occupations (CCDO) is part of the data set.
Them a jority of demolition sites will now require you to hold a card known as a Certificate of Competence of Demolition Operatives (CCDO).
In the 1982 survey, occupations were assigned four digit codes based on the Canadian Classification and Dictionary of Occupations (CCDO) utilized in the 1971 census.