CCDPCisco Certified Design Professional
CCDPCommission Canadienne des Droits de la Personne (Canadian Human Rights Commission)
CCDPConditional Core Damage Probability
CCDPCivilian Competitive Development Program
CCDPContinuous Cycling Peritoneal Dialysis
CCDPCenter for Community Design and Preservation
CCDPCoolant Charging and Discharge Panel
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Therefore, he said the introduction of CCDP had eased SPTC financial situation to pursue some of the projects.
The projected IDF curves are made available at Ontario CCDP, allowing development practitioners to convert climate projections into water flow and flood risks for supporting engineering design under a changing climate.
The adhesive nature of the [(C/S)-q-PDMA]/MMT was investigated by using the properties of the CCDP groups, which is a catechol derivative that anchors the intercalated hybrid MMT to various surfaces.
143) Due to the efforts of the CCDP and pressure from occupational authorities and the international arena, the potential immigration of DPs was on the Congressional agenda for much of 1947 through the middle of 1948, engendering vigorous congressional and media debate.
Canadian IT specialists Hutton, Schofield (both Bell Canada), and Teare draw on a combined 45-plus years of experience in creating this Cisco authorized self-paced learning tool for preparation for the CCDP certification exam.
Due to the efficiency of the framework and RLF's role, the success achieved in the first phase of the CCDP programme, meant that the RFU was able to access additional funding from Sport England's unspent contingency, bringing the total investment to more than pounds 10million.
La muestra fue purificada por CCDP, usando como fase estacionaria Silica gel 60 G y como eluente cloroformo:metanol en una relacion 90:10.
Some six years later, with planning permission granted and with the assistance of funding from Sport England, DCMS, the Amateur Rowing Association's CCDP Portfolio, Northern Rock Foundation, Durham Regatta Committee, Durham City Council, Durham Local Education Authority, the DfES and extensive fundraising, the club had secured sufficient funding to proceed.
Toutefois, si une valeur ou un ensemble de valeurs devient si profondement ancre qu'il cesse d'etre un enjeu partisan (comme les droits de la personne) et qu'on finit par associer davantage l'AP (la CCDP, en l'occurrence) aux tribunaux qu'au Parlement, il faudra peut-etre refuser d'accorder le statut d'AP a cet organisme.
Carole Steele-Smith, CCDP, is director of treatment at the Beaver County Jail.
Wendy added: 'I am so pleased to see England Hockey using the CCDP to develop our hockey section as it is a credit to all our hard-working volunteers who give up their time each week to support our juniors.