CCDRComissão de Coordenação e Desenvolvimento Regional (Portugal)
CCDRCanada Communicable Disease Report (Relevé des maladies transmissibles au Canada)
CCDRCombatant Commander
CCDRCanadian Customer Debt Relief
CCDRCentre of Competence for Disaster Reduction (Dushanbe, Tajikistan)
CCDRContractor Critical Design Review (NASA)
CCDRContractor Cost Data Requirement
CCDRCadre de Concertation de Développement Rural (French)
CCDRCertified Copy of Driving Record
CCDRContractor Cost Data Report/ing
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A CCDR can delegate OPCON to commanders of subordinate organizations (i.e., those units assigned to the CCMD).
Type 2 exercises are similar except that they will be CCDR led, with two or more CCMDs and the Joint Staff as the primary training audience, exercising a 4+1 challenge.
The AMD has vast theater familiarity and is best able to assess requirements, allocate forces to meet those requirements, and when needed, seek USTRANSCOM augmentation." (9) Interoperability is considered critical between these two entities, "Effective support of the supported CCDRs mobility requirements demands theater and continental US-based forces form a mutual partnership.
The team at JCISFA concentrates on enabling geographic CCDR's respective theater campaign plans to organize, train, equip, rebuild/build, and advise FSF across the executive, generating and operating (EGO) functions.
Derivation of CCDR. Similarly, derivation of CCDR is based on a conventional voltage-doubler circuit, as shown in Figure 6(a).
The make and use tables are then used to calculate the CCDR matrix.
This article describes how the DDC provides improved theater distribution support to combatant commanders (CCDR).
Lastly, the Society for Ethnomusicology lauded Kurath again in 2001, this time in the form of a panel organized to pay tribute to her lifelong work (CCDR 2006: 3-4).