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CCDSConsensus Coding Sequence
CCDSCertified Clinical Documentation Specialist (various organizations)
CCDSCincinnati Country Day School
CCDSCharlotte Country Day School
CCDSCanadian Centre on Disability Studies
CCDSChild Care Delivery System (Texas)
CCDSCommittees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism
CCDSCompany Core Data Sheet
CCDSCenters for the Commercial Development of Space
CCDSCertified Cardiac Device Specialist
CCDSCanadian Center for Drug Free-Sport
CCDSConsejo Consultivo para Desarrollo Sustentable (Spanish: consultive board for sustainable growth)
CCDSCheryl's Clerical and Design Services
CCDSInternational Consultative Committee for the Definition of the Second
CCDSCommand & Control Distribution System
CCDSConsole Control Distribution System
CCDSCommand, Control, and Detection System
CCDSCommunications Control Distribution System
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In contrast to a CCD, the signal from each light-sensing picture element, or pixel, must be read separately.
In resistivegate CCDs a resistive layer (in this case a thin film of Cr/SiP oxide CERMET that forms Schottky-barrier contacts with the GaAs layer[30-32]) covers both the gates and the gap, which eliminates the parasitic interelectrode-gap potential well problem because of the distributed surface potential and also inhibits the charge packet broadening.[24] The CERMET is deposited using RF-sputtering, and subsequently, defined in proper areas using lift-off patterning.
Two major types of image sensors dominate the global market: charge coupled devices (CCD) and complementary metal--oxide-semiconductor (CMOS).
He built a linear CCD array and described it in S&X's first such article aimed at amateurs.
Under the agreement, Sanyo Electric will produce wafers for CCDs with one million pixels, while Philips Semiconductors will produce wafers for CCDs with two million pixels.
The CCDS does not provide Cronbach's alpha information based on the total score.
Princeton Instruments has released two large format in-vacuum CCD cameras engineered specifically for direct detection in VUV, EUV, and x-ray imaging applications from approximately 10eV to 30keV.
The core implementation strategy of LICSIP is to promote farmers' access to a bouquet of production support services that lead to farm intensification, rehabilitation of moribund farms, on-farm diversification, extension services through the set up and operation of Centres for Cocoa Development (CCDs).
The Dark Energy Camera at the 4-meter Victor Blanco Telescope of the Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory in Chile sports 62 CCDs with a total of 570 million pixels.
The move is a scheme to support the government's Commercial Credit Data Sharing (CCDS) initiative.